Trash Can Liner for Hospitals Kraft paperPsych Select Bag Dano


The Trash Can Liner
Bag of Choice for Hospitals and Behavioral Health Facilities Nationwide.

This bag is made from Natural Wet Strength Kraft Paper with a Heat-Sealed Bottom.

The Psych-Select-Bag™ meets or exceeds most states newly recommended policies for facilities standards safety.

Select Bag (Purple)

  • 2-ply, 50lb. Natural Wet Strength (NWSK) Kraft Coated Paper
  • 30-33 gallon size
  • 18x10x36
  • 50 bags per bundle
  • 42 bundles per pallet (2,100 bags)
  • Barrier coated paper lining

Select Mini (Purple)

  • 2-ply, 50lb. Natural Wet Strength (NWSK) Kraft Coated paper
  • 10-13 gallon size
  • 14x7x22
  • 100 bags per bundle
  • 30 bundles per pallet (3,000 bags)
  • Barrier coated paper lining
Ecolo-Holder wall mount