The Ecolo-Bag Takes a Stand

Ecolostand-newThe Ecolo-Stand:
Steel Bag Receptacles Holder & Stand

In a park, at the beach, at an industrial site, in a hospital or warehouse, The Ecolo-Stand holds the Ecolo-Bag in place. Made with the sewn-stitched bottom Wet-Waste bags in mind, the Ecolo-Stand allows the bag to be held in place while the lid keeps everything covered.

The applications are numerous and most suitable for commercial use. The Holder can be used without the Stand by affixing it to a wall or solid material.

Lawn and Refuse Bag Holders and Stands

Full Unit $144.80 each

  • Packaged 6/case  96 per pallet
  • 20 lbs for one full unit

Lawn and Refuse Bag Holders

(WM-10)  $119.90 per unit

  • Features a heavy-duty poly lid that secures the Ecolo-Bag in place
  • Made to use in conjunction with stands or wall mounted without the stands
  • 16’’x12’’x40”
  • 68 lbs / 6  holder case

Ecolostand_noBag_onwhite_sLawn and Refuse Bag Stands

(ST-70) $29.85 per unit

  • Heavy-duty, rust resistant, zinc plated or stainless steel
  • Steel Stands are made to be used with the Holders
  • Creates a self standing system for Dano’s Ecolo-Bags
  • 40’’ high (approx) 16’’x12’’base
  • 30 lbs / 6 stand case

The Ecolo-Stand is made with exceptional standards to be used in conjunction with the following Bags:

Eco-30 & Eco-40 gallon Ecolo-Bags – Flat Bottom bags

  • 16x12x35 – Eco-30 2 ply NWSK
  • 18x12x39 – Eco-40 2 ply NWSK

Wet Waste and Select Bags – Sewn Pinched Bottom bags

  • 18 x10x39.5 – 30 gallon Wet Waste Bag – LS 1501
  • 18x10x35 – 30 gallon Select Bag – SLCT 33
 Ecolo-Holder wall mount