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Dano Compactor Bag roundCompactor-Bag-Style-B-RED-cropped

Round Compactor Bag Style B

Bucket Pack DS-5009

These extra strong 4-mil plastic bags fit all GE, JC Penney and Hotpoint compactor models with round containers. Stronger than the leading brands! Twist ties included. Fits all round compactor models.

  • 11 1/2″x11″x32″
  • Round White plastic red print

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50 Bags 11.5″x11″x32″ – $59.95


Compactor Bag Style C

Kitchen Aid DS-KCB-1

Heavy-duty 4-mil. poly plastic bags fit all Kitchen Aid tilt-away trash baskets with metal drawers. Twist ties included.

  • 15 1/4″x13 1/4″x34″
  • Fits Kitchen Aid Compactors with tilt-away baskets
  • White plastic Black print

Trash Compactor Bags - Free Shipping

50 Bags 15.25″x13.25″x34″ – $69.95

Pre-cuffed compactor bag on white_s

Rectangular Compactor Bag Style E

Box Pack DS-5007

These pre-cuffed paper/plastic bags fit GE model compactors with rectangular containers. Also fits other leading brands, including Sears, Whirlpool and JC Penney.

  • 16″x9″x21 1/2″
  • Paper & Plastic pre-cuffed

Trash Compactor Bags - Free Shipping

50 Bags 16″x9″x21.5″ – $79.95


Rectangular Compactor Bag Style F

Rectangular Pack DS-5015

These pre-cuffed heavy-duty poly bags fit all post-1985 GE GCG-950 and GCG-1000 compactor models with rectangular containers.

  • 18 1/2″x7 1/2″x32″
  • Fits post-1985 rectangular compactor models
  • White plastic green print

Trash Compactor Bags - Free Shipping

50 Bags 18.5″x 7.5″x32″ – $79.95

Pre-cuffed Paper Compactor Bag

Precuffed Paper Compactor Bag

Trash Compactor Bags - Free Shipping

12 Pack – $34.95