Most people don’t think of a trash compactor as a kitchen essential or mainstream item. But that could not be further from the truth if you want to have a lean, clean kitchen.

If there is one thing that is inevitable in the kitchen but which we wish we could get away with executing less, it is certainly emptying the trash. Especially when having to do so means missing a few minutes of that show or game we have been looking forward to all day or preparing to entertain friends or family at home. If you relish the thought of an immaculate kitchen but are not too fond of having to take out the trash regularly, a trash compactor is most certainly the appliance you will soon find essential.

Trash compactors are sleek, efficient and noiseless and even trendy again and can help increase the amount of space you have in your kitchen by eliminating bulky conspicuous garbage cans. With very little space you can reduce the volume of trash in your garbage can by up to 80% making your chore much easier. You can also reduce your daily chore of taking the garbage out to once a week. Trash compactors are also very useful for those who don’t have trash pickup very often, or for those who live where there are expensive surcharges for multiple bags of trash.

Trash Compactor Relevant Facts:

Trash Compactor Odor

One of the main concerns about installing a trash compactor is the risk of odors but today many compactors come with odor seals (which have a life span of six months) to keep the compactor and the space around it smelling fresh. Some models also come with connection plates, which can be washed thoroughly as well as easy access through its door to clean the entire appliance in order to retain its hygiene.

Trash Compactors effect on Environment

There is also the fact that they are an environmentally responsible option since they have been proven to play a role in reducing landfill.

Trash Compactor Appearance

Trash compactors have certainly come a long way from when they began when they had limited effectiveness. New technology and new sleeker designs mean higher levels of compression force resulting in more efficient appliances. Many are also programmable as are other kitchen appliances and they come in neutral colors which work into any kitchens décor.

Power of Trash Compactors

Some compactors today have 3,000 pounds of continual compaction force which is the maximum compaction force currently available for all trash compactor’s this value comes highly recommended especially since it comes with a compaction ratio of 6-1 meaning the trash is reduced to 1/6 of this volume. That is extremely good news since it means even less trips to take out the garbage, fewer bags and less waste as a result.

Double Duty Trash Compactors

As a convenience, people ahead of the curve have been known to buy two compactors for one kitchen so that they can use compactable kitchen waste in one compactor and household recyclable waste such as cans, bottles, and food packaging separately in another compactor for easier processing and recycling.

Today’s modern trash compactors are an excellent means of efficiently storing and processing kitchen waste freeing up time for the homeowner as a result because it means fewer trips to take out the trash and less bags as a result using them is beneficial not just to the homeowner but to the environment especially since they also play a role in reducing landfill.

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