Evidence Ecolo-Bag

Lawn and Leaf Bag by Dano

7-Gallon and 45-Gallon Evidence Ecolo-Bags

Dano Group, a trusted name in environmentally conscious solutions, is thrilled to present our Evidence Ecolo-Bags. Specifically designed for fragile crime scene evidence, our 7 or 45-gallon kraft paper bags ensure optimal preservation.

Dano’s Ecolo-Bags are made of natural, breathable wood fiber, and offer the convenience of markable space for essential submission details.

With over 50 years of expertise in biodegradable and recyclable solutions, Dano Group guarantees top-notch quality. Make the sustainable choice for evidence preservation. Contact us today to elevate your forensic practices with Dano Group’s cutting-edge Ecolo-Bags.

“I want to tell you again that your bags make our job so much EASIER when processing a Crime Scene….”

“Your bags make a HUGE difference in the collection and preservation of evidence. Due to DNA degradation concerns, we cannot package any biological evidence (which is the majority of the collection) in plastic bags, so this is why the large, well made, paper bags are so important.”

Jeffrey Luber
Forensic Scientist III
Suffolk County Crime Laboratory

Evidence Bag Pricing

Ecolo-Bag 7 Gal.
12 x 9 x 19”
200 count $99.90/ cs.

Ecolo-Bag 10 Gal.
12 x 8 x 24”
150 Count $92.10/ cs.

Ecolo-Bag 20 Gal.
15 x 10 x 30”
100 Count $88.50/ cs.

Ecolo-Bag 30 Gal.
16 x 12 x 35”
50 Count $49.20/ cs.

Ecolo-Bag 40 Gal.
18 x 12 x 39”
50 Count $58.50 / cs.

Ecolo-Bag 45 Gal.
50 Count $ 62.70 / cs.


Made in the USA

Free samples available upon request!